#ThrowbackThursday (to when I was very single)


Happy Thursday! [Pretend with me it's still Thursday if you read this on any other day.]

I decided to dig up my old blog sites today and that journey through memory lane felt just like opening up one of my previous journals and getting lost in old experiences, words, prayers, pleas, dreams, aspirations and joys. This particular blog is from way back in 2012, when I was very single, very freshly out of college and very unsure as to what on earth my life would be just 4 years later! So here you go...

Sunday, November 25, 2012Single.

Summer is way long gone. Well, sort of.

The summer job ended very well. (It was a temporary position.)

I have relocated.. again. (I miss that dear family that hosted me all summer.)

I am now living with a roommate in a duplex, have a big girl job and bills due sporadically through out the month. My job is great; I enjoy what I do. I am also heavily involved with my church and am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Status? Single. I know what you're thinking... "This must be her I'm single and ready to mingle blog." *insert wrong answer buzzer noise here* Negative. or... "She's about to vent about how she can't stand being single and wishes she had someone." *insert wrong answer buzzer noise here* Try again. or... "She's a super Christian and this is her personal book review on 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye'"  Once again, wrong. (Never read that book.) My family is great. I love them very much and enjoy the times we are all together. Since I now work and live in a small town 4 hours away, it's fair to say, I am on my own. While in school, I never saw myself as the one in the family who would end up living in a different town. Being on your own requires adjustments. By the grace of God, I am adjusting pretty well. Tonight I thought of home, family and the old days. When we were children, we were cared for. You'd come home from school, do your chores, get your homework done, eat the delicious food mom made and then go to bed. My days now consist of waking up on my own, going to work, cleaning my house and cooking dinner for myself. I enjoy every bit of it. I mean, that last sentence may have sounded boring, don't get me wrong, my week nights and weekends are often filled with hang outs, outings, movie nights, hosting friends, church activities and various adventures. Never a dull moment, that's for sure. But other nights, I simply enjoy this season of singleness by spending time at home alone, attempting a new recipe, reading a good book, singing at the top of my lungs while jamming on my guitar or tackling chores around the house. I share all this with absolutely no shame or embarrassment, neither a desire for your sympathy because I absolutely LOVE this precious time God has reserved for just me and Him. <3

If you're single, enjoy it. Oh the joys of coming into my home and leaving it at the time I want or need to. Oh the joy of taking trips or hanging with the girls without worrying about a spouse or child that may need me while out. Oh the joy of having TIME. Simple as that, if you are single, this is the most time you will ever have to simply discover who you are in Christ and dig deeper in His love for you. (Ephesians 3:18-19) Now, don't you dare be entirely selfish. If you are really taking the time to mature as an individual and as a daughter or son of the Most High, then you come to find out that you can't grow to love God more without automatically growing to love His people more as well. They go hand in hand (aka The Greatest Commandment!) With that said, spend your time also investing in the younger generation around you and those in need. Take care of the sick. Feed the poor. Lift up the low in spirit. Encourage and you too will be encouraged.

That's a quick, somewhat vague, update on me. In addition, a challenge to not grow content. Run full speed ahead. Don't just exist and take up space.. wherever God has you right now, grow while you are there. Take that advice physically, emotionally and spiritually. Wherever you are, whatever season you're in, whatever circumstance you are facing: don't get stale...  rather growinvestwork and enjoy.

I like how The Message puts it...

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out.

You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what

may or may not happen tomorrow.

[Matthew 6:33-34]

The 2012 me. 
The 2012 me. 

^ There you have it, folks! It's always fun to do a 'Throwback Thursday'. God always teaches me something new or reminds me of something I might have forgotten along the way when I go back and remember what all He's journeyed me through and His faithfulness along the way.

No, don't live in the past. But do take a moment from time to time to appreciate how far along you've come.

Anyhow, if you know anyone who may be encouraged by this post from 2012, share it with them! And as always.. thanks for reading!

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