20 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate

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My halfway point #bumpdate is finally here! I can’t believe I’m halfway done with this pregnancy. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m pregnant to begin with. I plan to share #bumpdates (updates on my pregnancy) every 4 weeks from here on out! To kick these bumpdates off, I’m excited to first answer questions I’ve been getting about the pregnancy and baby, as well as, share other fun insights into what’s happening during my pregnancy at the moment and finally, share products and resources that have been game changers. So without further ado…

halfway there (20 weeks) Pregnancy Bumpdate:

How are you feeling? At first, I felt all the symptoms and was very sick and tired. As I entered into the 2nd trimester, the nausea and vomitting subsided as did most of the fatigue. I now have a lot more energy than before. In a nut shell - I’m feeling great!

How big is the baby? Baby is now the size of a corn on the cob or a small doll! I’m technically, right now, 22 weeks pregnant, a little over half-way, so baby has officially broken the one-pound mark.

Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? We plan on keeping it a surprise until the day the baby is born!! So we will all find out come June 28th - or around that time. ;)

Gender reveal party? Will you film it? Though I love them and many of my family and friends are very surprised we’re not having one, we’ll keep the gender reveal party idea for next baby. Maybe. And if so, of course I’ll film it!

How much weight have you gained? I’ve gained 21 pounds! Start weight was 145 and now I weigh 166! I’ve never weighed this much in my life and really had to have a heart check with all my worry about weight gain. Especially after my doctor explained all my vitals are fine and I’m doing great and have nothing to worry about - this part of it is normal.

How’s the morning sickness? It’s completely gone! I wake up just fine and extra hungry now as increased appetite is another symptom I’m currently experiencing.

How are you sleeping? Sleep is a struggle. I toss and turn a lot due to discomfort from my growing belly and bathroom runs. Pregnancy insomnia visits me from time to time. Some weeks are better than others.

Do you all have names yet? We don’t. Well, kinda. We have some that we’ve tossed around but no set names yet. I hope to have at least narrowed it down to 2 boy names and 2 girl names by the time we head to the hospital if we still aren’t sure by then.

Favorite part of pregnancy so far? Seeing, hearing, and feeling the baby! At the 19 week mark, Calvin and I had our anatomy scan and we got to hear and see baby for the first time since the 6 week mark of only seeing my uterus and yolk sack. Below is his/her profile and two cute little feet! Heart rate was at 140. Praise God for a growing, healthy babe!

other bumpdate insights:

Current Movement: Baby is kicking! I first felt the babe kick at about 17 weeks. I wrote all about it on this Instagram post. I absolutely love feeling baby move and kick. I mainly feel it when resting and not moving around so much.

Current Food cravings: All throughout the pregnancy I have craved really cold beverages. Of which the most surprising to me, cold apple juice. I’m just typically not a juice person. Other cold things I’ve craved are popsicles, ice cream, and frozen fruits like blueberries and grapes. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve also craved a lot of meat: red meats mainly but also rotisserie chicken! Although here recently, I’m also craving lots of crunchy cold salads.

Current Symptoms: Back paaaaaaiiiiiinnn. Due to the extra weight my body isn’t normally used to my back pain is a daily struggle. I’ve tried yoga, stretching, and my gracious husband massages it away from time to time. I’m also peeing every hour on the hour. Oh and y’all, I’m having Braxton Hicks!! Braxton Hicks contractions are explained as tightening in the abdomen that comes and goes. Many refer to these as “false” contractions.

Favorite pregnancy must haves: Below I’m sharing some items that have helped me tremendously during this first half of pregnancy. You can click on them to shop if you’re pregnant or share this post with a friend that is and encourage them to check these out!


1. Preggie Pop Drops

So incredibly helpful to ease the nausea. These hard candies are infused with natural oils. Many-a-times were we driving or in a place where a bathroom was not accessible that I would just pop one of these in my mouth and drink cold glass of water and my nausea would pass. I recommend them to any mama battling nausea.

2. Pregnancy pillow

Definitely helpful to support the growing belly and comfort my back. Remember those sleep issues I referred to earlier? This pillow makes it all more bearable.


Y’all my belly has felt extra dry this winter! So this oil along with the belly butter have been game changers. I rub them on twice a day and immediately following a warm bath or shower. I’ve even ended up using the belly butter as an all around moisturizer!

4. maternity bands & tanks!

The belly band have become my favorite pant’s best friend and the maternity tanks, I could live in. I got the black and white belly bands separately but on Amazon they come in a 3 pack! It’s a steal. Also as pictured above, I’m pretty sure I wear a maternity tank daily. They’re the beeeeest.

We love y’all! Thanks for your continued love, support, and prayers through this journey.

Now comment YOUR GUESS! Boy? Girl? Also if you’re a mama, any tips are welcomed in the comments. If you’re not a mama, what do you look forward to about pregnancy?

Thanks for reading, friend!

- Crystal

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