Hello, my name is Crystal Lee Williams.

I am a Texas native and newlywed church planter’s wife. 

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, I am naturally and wholly a city girl. But tell me you want to hit the road for a camping trip, and I’m your girl! Should I go ahead and mention my husband nicknamed me Pocahontas? 

Speaking of the hubs, we met while socializing.. wait, I mean,  studying... at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas. Majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Religion and Leadership, my life goal is to communicate Jesus Christ to the masses. 

I find it weird to call myself a writer, but when inspired, words honestly just seem to flow best. Because trust me, interpretive dance is not my forte.

I love that we weren’t made to live life alone. We need people. And I love people.

Community is a big deal to me. The kind where you and your people share things openly, build each other up but also call each other out if in the wrong.

Honest conversations, where you walk away feeling relieved yet so filled, are a big deal to me.

I'm dedicated to encouraging women and building others up in ministry. I want to bring up younger women in the faith and challenge them to walk with Jesus victoriously all while sharing a good recipe or two, some traveling tips and life lessons. 

I hope you leave my corner of the internet feeling encouraged, empowered and equipped. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!